Aug 29, 2010

moving on

choo choo train

moving on
to the unknown

Aug 16, 2010



ever felt trapped?
behind bars
unable to do anything

there is always hope

*note: just realised the no photo please wordings today. opps..

Aug 11, 2010

looking back

Three years ago
I took the road less travelled
Life was great
Through good and bad times
Through joy and sorrow
And now
After three years
I'm taking the same road again
To the road less travelled.

Looking back
I thank God
For His faithfulness
That had sustained me thus far.

And looking forward
I pray to God
For His future guidance and strength.

Jul 11, 2010

Trip to K.Kangsar

Main purpose of this trip is to eat durians... But did not manage to capture any pics of the durians @_@ Haha.. First stop was the fruit orchard. Our GPS led us to this orchard but seems like it has been abandoned. Anyway, we went in for a walk and see what's left.

- Entrance of the Orchard -

- Hibiscus -

- Dragonfly -

From there, we rushed to the ever famous shop selling pau. The paus are sold out even before they start selling it. All booked. But thanks to one of our trainee (who stays at Kuala Kangsar), we're able to taste some. Ermm... I'm not a fan of paus so I think it's just normal. Nothing special. While waiting for the paus, we ordered chicken chop and fried rice as well. No pics for the food. Too lazy to upload..

After filling up our stomachs, we toured around Kuala Kangsar. Nothing to see actually. Drop by Istana Kenangan and Ubudiah Mosque for some photo shooting. Then we went for second round of makan at... somewhere. Had laksa, sotong kangkung and kerang. It was a long journey due to the long waiting time for our chicken chop and fried rice. So we decided to head home. Was supposed to dropped by Gunung Lang but was too late and everyone was half dead. Though it was a short trip but it was fun. Looking forward for more trips.

istana kenangan
- Istana Kenangan -

Ubudiah Mosque
- Ubudiah Mosque -

Jun 2, 2010

May 16, 2010

no entry

- stop . think . pray -

May 8, 2010

KL city

KL city

superb view
didn't bring tripod so a bit blur